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We at Portugal Motorcycle Tours will do everything to turn your wishes into a memorable holiday! Together, we will combine kilometres of road and adventure with breath-taking landscapes, exquisite beaches, sunny weather and incredible gastronomy – mouth-watering food and fine wine (only at dinner of course)!


The adventure begins in Lisbon and North is our first direction!
We will hit the backroads of the Center-West Atlantic coast, passing through fishermen, surfers’ villages and vast fruit orchards.
The adventure begins in Lisbon and North is our first direction!
We will hit the backroads of the Center-West Atlantic coast, passing through fishermen, surfers’ villages and vast fruit orchards.
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  • "Portugal Motorcycle Tours was an excellent week of riding in the unspoilt roads of Portugal under the guidance of Miguel our host and tour guide.
    Hotels and routes were beyond my expectations and I would thoroughly recommend this tour to anyone!
    Many thanks Miguel!!"
    David Reid - Edinburgh, Scotland
    David Reid
    June 2024
  • "The three guys from California made it safely home! Thanks for a great Tour!!" Paul, Ian & Jimmy - Rocklin, CA
    Paul, Ian & Jimmy
    May 2024
  • We just returned from our first trip to Portugal as well as our first motorcycle tour in Portugal with Miguel. It was exhilarating, fear, relaxation, pleasure and it changes you forever with all the curves. In other words, it was fear and emotional pleasure rolled all into one that makes you wanna keep going on and on! Can't wait to do it all over again with our fantastic Tour Director Miguel!! In addition to the motorcycle riding I don't know what was more exciting: the train, the boat ride, the castles, the Airbnb 250 year old home or the homemade meals!!! If you are even thinking about a motorcycle tour in Portugal, Portugal Motorcycle Tours would be your best choice! Norma and Bill - Myrtle Beach, SC
    Norma and Bill
    October 10th 2023
  • “It rained pretty much all day today! It was a pretty slow speed day except for a really fun section that had good turns that really flowed. I could have done that all day!! We got to our hotel that is part of a Castle/Fort that was built in 1392. Another great day with Portugal Motorcycle Tours!”
    Donna Leeman
    October 20th 2022
  • “Just finished this tour with Miguel, Andy and Ron. Had a brilliant (but all too brief) time riding some truly majestic roads across Portugal, visiting some interesting places (such as a Castle up in the hills which unknown to Miguel, was closed for lunch!). Evenings of enjoyment with the other guys on the trip, great companions on the journey, staying in some lovely places eating marvelous food and drinking some of the delightful wine that Portugal produces!”
    Andrew Heyworth
    May 2022
  • “Miguel Thank you thank you and will see you next time!!”
    Omran Hayat, Saad Almunayes & Yousif Malallah
    April 27th 2019
  • “fantastic tour of Alentajo to the Algrave. Excellent planning, food and sights. Highly recommend.”
    Clayton DaSilva
    October 06th 2021
  • Really enjoyed my ride with Portugal Motorcycle Tours and good conversation! And wine! And food! And the Andys!
    Ronald Goedendorp
    May 2022
  • “I’ve just finished the North tour with Portugal Motorcycle Tours, it was perfect! Normally, I’d make my own way, this time I opted for a guided tour. Using a tour guide paid dividends..he chose the best routes, high-end hotels and the finest dining. I’d never have found any of them on my own. The route simply could not have been better. Thanks in particular to Miguel. I’ll be back as soon as I can!”
    Phil Ratheram
    April 05th 2022
  • “To find out more about riding in Portugal I’m gonna meet with Miguel who does tours here… Today has truly being a magical experience! Riding here in Portugal is sublime!”
    Henry Cole
    April 04th 2019
  • “Wow! What an amazing place! Great Food! Greater Company! And the Best Sunrise in all of Portugal! This Bed and Breakfast Tops the Charts!” "When you can see your hotel and motorcycles from the top of the castle! Zoom zoom zoom! Staying a night at a castle within walls, bucket list item!! This is our last night on the tour. What an exceptional tour!! Portugal is an incredible value. If you like wine, holy moly!! This is the place to be for sure! The food is awesome, the wine is amazing, but the countryside was made for motorcycles!!... Definitely a must do bucket list item!!" "Thanks Portugal Motorcycle Tours!!"
    Ken Neal
    October 20th 2022


These trips are the result of many rides around Portugal! Looking back, they were the great inspiration for the foundation of Portugal Motorcycle Tours with all my Love in it!!


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