Going Up to Go Down

The adventure begins in Lisbon and North is our first direction!

We will hit the backroads of the Center-West Atlantic coast, passing through fishermen, surfers’ villages and vast fruit orchards.

We will ride on one of the most beautiful sea side roads, called the Atlantic road, where we have the ocean always with us, all the way to Coimbra where we finish our first day.

In the second day, we will ride along the 26 schist villages that are spread across the Central Region between Coimbra and Serra da Estrela.

In the afternoon we will start descending to the Alentejo plains and end will the day on the glamorous and Moorish village of Crato.

Down, Down We Go!

Across the Alentejo’s roads we will be surrounded by plains filled with cork oaks and olive trees, with a sense of liberation that only nature can give us!

We will go all the way down to Algarve, following the Guadiana’s River, to find small villages with the distinguished influence of the Arabic architecture.

After resting in the charming town of Tavira, we will ride our motorcycles through Portugal’s southern playground – Algarve.

We will combine the famous roads and landscapes of Monchique and Caldeirão mountains, with the seaside’s refreshing route leading to the southwestern tip of Europe – Sagres – the place where the ancients believed the land ended and sea began!

Once in Sagres, you will have a free day to enjoy the sun and beach of Algarve by trying different water sports and activities or by just taking the time to relax with a fresh beverage in the sand!

Time to Go Back!

In the final day we will go back up to Lisbon, wiggling our way through one of Europe’s widest and exciting coastlines.

A surfer’s and adventure seeker’s paradise, this coast has razor sharp cliffs which serve as a wall to the relentless pounding of the Atlantic!