In our Douro Van Tour we will trade the motorcycle for the cosy comfort of a luxury Mercedes van, in order to have a bigger liberty to appreciate what the region has best: the wine!
Meeting the locals, having wine and food in their homes, enjoying private wine tastings, visiting some of the most secret belvederes within the Douro, this is what this Tour is all about!

This is the only Tour that starts in Oporto, with the transfer from the Oporto airport to a luxury hotel in the center of this historic city.

In the first day, we will discover the culinary delights of Oporto, the “Food and Wine Meca of Europe”, where we will assure you taste all the delicacies and regional wines prepared by the little eateries and small restaurants that make up the Porto Food Scene.

In a day dedicated to enrich our palates, we will dine at a Michelin-start restaurant.

For the second day we have prepared a tour besides the Douro River and visits to some vineyards and farms, famously known by its world-class wines.

On it, you will witness that is not by accident that they call the Douro the most beautiful wine region in the world. We will drive upstream along the banks of the Douro river, where you will find yourself surrounded by an endless sea of grooved mountains, cliffs, and unique views.

On the vineyards, we will see how these award-winning Portuguese wines are made and participate in a gourmet cooking class. After assimilating these ancient traditions, it’s time to taste some delicious home-cooked food and refined wine.

This journey is all about private access to the most famous wine region in the world. Discovering that behind all the glamour and tourists lies a candid and heartfelt land, where you will be treated as a member of the family and where every meal is a reason for celebration.

Our hotel for the evening is a boutique property on a farm.

On the third day we will start with boat tour along the beautiful Douro River accompanied by a wine tasting of some of the region’s best wines. Following the river flow we will have the time to relax and get overwhelmed by the vastness and beauty of the surrounding Nature.

Afterwards, we will have lunch with the breath-taking Douro vineyards and river as a backdrop.

In the evening, we will return to Oporto to enjoy dinner in an authentic “Tasca” – a small and typical restaurant that serves good portions of traditional food at a good price!

After a good night of sleep and a healthy breakfast, it is time to say goodbye!