Ever wonder what it is like to be the only rider on the mountain pass, overlooking 2000 meters of abrupt natural landscape. Just you, the motorcycle, the road and the scenery. Nothing standing between you and the liberation of this moment… Only to end up sited on the main square of a forgotten interior Portuguese village at the end of a hot summer day, feasting your senses with authentic local food and wine, realising that you are the only foreigner within 50 square km?…

Ride Eat & Wine Tasting with Portugal Motorcycle Tours!


You will have the opportunity to indulge your palate and your hunger with home cooked regional cuisine prepared by cooks and families who are our friends.

Not only are these places off the touristic map, but some of them are just private families who have a great affection to welcome distinct travellers and show them the eternal Portuguese way of saying “I love you” through food.

We will introduce you to the people and the food behind this culture and not the restaurant itself.

People like Maria de Jesus, who has been cooking her family’s ancient recipes for friends for as long as she can remember, is only happy when the pot is left empty at the end of the meal! But relax, dessert is still to come…

We want you to experience the heart of our food culture.

To seat at a warm welcoming family table, letting the wine (dinner meal) and conversation flow through each and every delicacy of authentic regional Portuguese Cuisine.

Or to have the chance to eat some caught in the moment fish and seafood with your bare hands.

It is all about living the Eat, Wine Tasting & Ride experience at its fullest. All the intricate flavours and combinations of land and sea will make you realize that good food, good wine and good company make up the unforgettable holidays that we want to enjoy in our company.

It is this appetite for wanting to enjoy life at its fullest that distinguishes the Portugal Motorcycle Tours trips — and ultimately the Portugal Motorcycle Tours guests.


It all starts with that first roar of the engine. That deep roar of the 4 cylinders thumping their way into our adrenaline. Ahead lies a country with the greatest concentration of landscape diversity in all of Europe. Scenic coastal roads, mountains that descend into red dust planes, turn after turn, hill after hill, smile after smile. This is the thrilling ride through Portugal that we want you to experience.

The roads we will be driving on are amongst some of the most beautiful stretches of pavement in the world, rich with culture, lore at each bend and the horizon stretching as far as the eye can see.

You will be riding only the finest machines, designed for your maximum comfort and road performance, tuned with the diversity of the Portugal road Network. They are more than just a means to an end. They are your fellow companions throughout which the journey will be shared. Much like your fellow riders, or the small unknown village where you stopped for some homemade cheese, charcuterie and wine.

The Portugal Motorcycle Tours are all about challenging your riding spirit and getting in touch with what gives you goose bumps!
All I want to do is share my excitement and provide all the circumstances for you to have
remarkable holidays and create memories that last a lifetime!!!