Direction: North

The adventure begins in Lisbon and North is our first direction!

We will hit the backroads of the Center-West Atlantic coast, passing through fishermen, surfers’ villages and vast fruit orchards. We will ride on one of the most beautiful sea side roads, called the Atlantic road, where we have the ocean always with us, all the way to Coimbra where we finish our first day.

The next day is dedicated to the Europe’s Food and Wine Mecca: Porto. To get there we will do a small ride by the seaside.

Once there, we will do a very Tasty Tour (!!!), where we will assure you taste all the delicacies prepared by the little eateries and small restaurants that make up the Porto Food Scene.

Following the River

With our palate senses still pleased from the day before experience, we make our way up the Douro Valley following every turn of the river in a discovery of the World’s oldest, and certainly most beautiful, wine region in the world.

The mirror-like surface of the Douro and the corrugated lush green hills will be the backdrop to one of the most beautiful rides of your life!!

We will travel side-by-side with the Douro River all the way to the border with Spain, ending the day in International Douro.

Up to the Mountains

As we say goodbye to Douro, we will continue our trip further north, to the forgotten and unexplored Trás-os-Montes (directly translated as Behind-the-Hills).

Here we will travel through a Portugal that stood still in time and you will feel a deep connection between you, your bike and pure nature!

The bond with nature is here to stay as we start our magic ride through the National park of Peneda-Gerês, discovering this vast amphitheatre sculptured by geological formations, winds and water.

In a breath-taking ride into its mountains and valleys, always surrounded by magnificent landscapes, we will pass through oak and pine forests, granite cliffs and villages, peat bogs, marshes, rivers, and lagoons!

Starting our way Down

Time to descend the mountains, always aware of our enchanted surroundings, and follow the green wine route through northern Portugal, in direction to Braga – The City of Cardinals – where we will end our 5th day.

Next on our itinerary is a unique and amazing travel through one of UNESCO’s European Geoparks – Arouca Geopark – and the Paiva’s river, considered one of the least polluted in Europe.

In both destinations, you will find that the cohabitation between the local flora and fauna is almost perfect!

Time to Go Back

Our last day will be dedicated to the longest road in Portugal, a very exciting and scenic journey in the heart of the country – The National 2 – nicknamed as the “Portuguese Route 66”!

Following this exhilarating route, surrounded by the beauty of nature and typical villages, we will arrive back in Lisbon where this epic tour ends!

One More Day (Optional)

Douro Experience With No Bikes

Train Tour Along the Douro River

-Iconic Lunch

-By Boat To Go Up The River till The Wine Tasting

This "Região Vinhateira do Douro" has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 2001