I love riding! After my first not so good experience with a motorcycle, I developed a profound 20-year old motorcycling passion.

For me, there is nothing like riding. The feeling that nothing really matters, when there’s just me, the road and my bike – I am in complete contact of it all, I am not just watching the scene, I am part of it and the sense of presence and freedom is overwhelming.

This feeling is no stranger to riders, and I will assure that you will feel it in the fantastic roads and landscapes Portugal has to offer!

Managing a national company in decoration and construction allowed me to ride all over Portugal. These trips were never a means to an end, but part of the love for my job. Looking back, they were the great inspiration for the foundation of Portugal Motorcycle Tour.

I am personally responsible for every restaurant and hotel we stay. They are chosen based on my countless internal travels with the sole purpose of giving you the most fulfilling experiences!

And don’t get me started with my love for Portuguese food and wine. I just love it all, the familiar environment where there is no sense of customer-employee relationship, but a group of friends sharing of funny snippets about our lives, the feeling of the sun in my helmless face, and the food… oh the food and wine…

The ridiculous sense of happiness of experiencing a combinations of flavours dancing in my palate, while surounded by remarkable people and a beautiful view is something to live by!

Cheers to you!!!
All I want to do is share my excitement and provide all the circumstances for you to have
remarkable holidays and create memories that last a lifetime!!!